You Use Your Insurance… Every. Single. Day.


auto-insurance-used-every-dayHow often do you use your insurance?

I ask that because I hear quite often that “I pay for insurance but I never use it!”

Well, let me give you another way to look at it that may make paying your premiums a little easier for you… No matter what type of coverage you have, whether it be auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, etc., the truth is that once you make your premium payment and that coverage is in force, then you are using it… 24/7.

That’s right… 24/7…
if you have an auto accident just running to the grocery store, you have used it, but if you did not have an accident, you still used it. Just because your house has not burned down, does not mean that you are not using your homeowners insurance. Same with your business insurance. Just because someone has not slipped and fallen in your place of business does not mean you are not using it.

The beauty of insurance is that it is in use non-stop as long as you make your premium payments and it is active.

Many folks do not like making insurance payments, but with the right mental attitude and the thought that if you ever do have to file a claim you are covered and you will not be wiped out financially by the expense because you have insurance… making those payments makes more sense.

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