Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Gra……..


grandsonIt’s not about the gra…vy… it’s about the gra…titude :)

As we all prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m grateful for friends and family… if you saw my post on Facebook yesterday morning, you know that my youngest son just turned 30. Wow! Time sure does fly! I remember when both of my sons got their drivers license… now, driving is not a big deal anymore. They’ve got other life events to focus on. They’ve both given me grandchildren and I’m so grateful. (The somewhat blurry photo above shows my oldest grandchild [son of my youngest son] talking to his uncle [my oldest son] who called to say Happy Birthday to my youngest son on his 30th. Good times.)

That’s not all I am thankful for, because I am grateful for you. It doesn’t matter so much whether we’ve done business together or not (yet) or whether we’ve passed referrals (yet)… what matters is that we’ve connected and we’re in each others’ community… supporting one another as fellow business professionals, and becoming friends and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

As always if you ever have any insurance questions or know of someone who does, please point them towards Policy Point where we will help pinpoint your policy needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!