The Most Dangerous Holiday?


american-flag-independence-dayIndependence day is upon us. This is an exciting time of year with many people having a long weekend, celebrations across the country, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilling and cold beer & sodas, parades and fireworks. This is America’s independence day celebration.

But there is also something else that independence day  is known for and that is the most dangerous holiday weekend of the year. Most of the deaths that occur on the 4th of July holiday are from car accidents and an LA Times newspaper article claims that July 3 and July 5 are the next deadliest days… alcohol is involved in many of these deaths.

With this in mind, I just want to say be careful out there and may this wonderful holiday weekend STAY a wonderful holiday weekend for you.
Do not drink & drive and friends don’t let friends drive drunk!

Here is the link to the LA Times for the full story on accidents on Independence Day:

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Thank you to all our clients and referral partners and may everyone have a great holiday!

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