The greatest insurance policy one can have…


It’s that time of year again… yes the Holiday Season is upon us! At my house we celebrate Christmas and if you don’t, then Happy Holidays to you and your family no matter what you celebrate.

One thing WE ALL have to contend with is the Hustle & Bustle of this time of year! The Streets & Parking Lots are filled with CARS & impatient drivers trying to complete their shopping before the Big Day (which as I get older seems to come faster & faster each year).

When I was a boy the only thing I was thinking about was if SANTA was going to eat ALL the Cookies & Milk we left for him, and how was he going to get into our house to give me my gifts because we had NO CHIMNEY! But as I outgrew the childhood fable, I began to discover that the greatest gift, does not cost Money!

Your LOVE for your Family, and Friends is the greatest gift you can give, no matter how much or LITTLE you have physically, We are all WEALTHY if we give LOVE & willing to Receive LOVE!

MY Hope for ALL my Clients & Business Associates, Friends & Family (that includes you) is that you are a GIVER & A RECIEVER of as much LOVE as possible! It is the Gift that will keep you YOUNG at HEART, Healthy & ALIVE!

LOVE is the Greatest Insurance policy one can have and the cost is NO CHARGE! May everyone have a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON Filled with LOVE!