pic-insurance-testimonials“I contacted Policy Point about an older home that my mom lives in… and even though I hadn’t bought anything, they went above and beyond in helping me try to find coverage… unfortunately, there was not an insurance carrier that would cover the property… but because of their outstanding service BEFORE the sale, I intend to go to them for all my policy needs!”

“With our older vehicle and our great driving records, we only needed a small liability auto policy. Policy Point took the time to review our current policy and provide us with options available to us. We were treated with respect, received a lot of information on insurance and got answers to our ‘what if’ questions. We were very impressed with the service… even for just a ‘low-cost’ policy. We ended up with better coverage for the same premium we were paying before. Wow. We will be back for other insurance and will definitely recommend Policy Point to others!”

“Though I haven’t decided on the options I’d like for my business owners policy just yet, I wanted to send a quick email to say ‘Thank You’. I never in a million years would have thought I’d be saying this, but I’m actually ENJOYING the process of reviewing my options, discussing scenarios and learning about the insurance coverage that is relevant and specific to my needs. I’ll be back in touch soon, but again, just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. You are a pleasure to work with!”

“I’m so glad that I had Policy Point review my personal auto policy. After asking just a few questions, we discovered that I was ‘at risk’ as I was using my truck for business AND personal driving and my current auto insurance policy would not cover business use of my vehicle. So VERY happy now. And feel so much more secure. Thank you!”