Summer is a great time to review your Insurance



So, yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day! But, before all the food and celebration, I took some time to reflect on the previous year and determine if I had made any major changes that would affect my insurance policies… and I encourage you to do the same at least once per year.

There is no better time than summer break for you to review!…

Have you or someone you know recently moved? Bought a home or rental property? Do you know someone who rents and needs renters insurance to protect themselves? Do you know someone who just bought a car or motorcycle? Do you know anyone who recently might have gotten a DUI, that will need help with their insurance? Anyone who is starting a business or has a business with NO business insurance? Any professional that does not have E&O, professional liability or malpractice insurance? Or did you just recently got a cat, dog or even a horse?

These are just a few areas where Policy Point Insurance Services can help. We understand insurance and instead of looking to sell you a policy, we start by asking questions to determine if you really need a policy at this time. If you do, then we make suggestions and educate you on the different ways to protect yourself. Ultimately, if you do not really need a policy or you have a good policy already, we will tell you to keep what you have.

Remember, at Policy Point Insurance, we offer policy reviews and will educate and answer your insurance questions at NO CHARGE. Information is always free.

And finally we have our American Independence day this Saturday. I want to thank all of our friends, family, and clients of Policy Point Insurance Services, and our referral partners for all of your support and make sure you thank all those who serve in our military no matter what branch you serve/served in!

I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July weekend and I look forward to being of service to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers and clients to help them pinpoint their policy needs.