The Worst Day by Skittles

The Worst Day by Skittles

My name is Skittles. I’m an 8-pound, 8-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua-Terrier Mix with the coolest bushy tail and nice big ears… this the story of the worst day of my life…

It was a beautiful sunny late summer day in early August when my doggy dad (that’d be the owner of Policy Point :) ) and I went for a walk. We visited a little common area park in our neighborhood that we call the “green patch”. I had a spring in my step and tried to get Dad to walk faster! We rounded a corner on the sidewalk and I sensed something was up because Dad tugged up on my leash and put me in heel stride. I looked back at him to see if he was okay and he was looking across the street with a wary look on his face.

The next thing I know, there was a BIG black dog coming up behind Dad… I found it VERY odd that it wasn’t on a leash… I started growling and Dad whirled around to try to fend him off. Within a split second, ANOTHER big dog (again, no leash!) came around the front of us and grabbed my hindquarters in its mouth and would NOT let go… no matter how much I tried to fight and get free. (This dog was probably ten times my size and weight!) Dad spun back around and tried to get me free from the second big dog while still trying to keep the FIRST big dog at bay… but the damage was done. I felt my fur tearing from my side… like my flank was being scalped. (I know,Ā  it wasn’t a nice image for me either.)

Dad carried me home. I was shaking all over and felt very sick. I couldn’t stop shaking. Mom saw us come through the door and started shaking, too. I wanted to keep licking my open wound, but Mom and Dad said that the vet said not to let me do that. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from my anesthesia and Mom and Dad were there in the recovery room. With my cone on my head I couldn’t see how many stitches I had, but I overheard the vet telling them it was about 15 or so and thanking them for bringing me in to get patched up. I had to take medications to prevent infection and pain medication so I could be comfortable while I healed over the next month and a half. imagejpeg952I saw the vet a lot for follow up visits. I love my doctor, but I was getting tired of seeing her so much :) I made a full recovery physically, but every time I thought about going outside, I remembered that worst day…

Going on my walks USED to be my greatest joy in the world…. and I’m getting back to enjoying them, but it’s definitely taken some time. The best news is that Dad and Mom got me an insurance policy! So, heaven-forbid anything should happen again, I’m covered…. and I’m getting a little older now and though I’m in perfect health (my doc says I’m awesome), I know that I won’t be a burden to my doggy parents if I were to get sick or something. Now, our little “pack” can just focus on what we do best… making each other happy!