Skittles’ Annual Physical


SkittlesAnnualApptSkittle’s Just had her annual physical and thankfully she is in excellent health. Below is a picture of her with her amazing Doctor, Jennifer Stewart of Ranch House Veterinary Services. Annual physicals are one of the most important things a pet parent can do for their 4-legged children. An annual physical is how you will usually catch (hopefully early) any medical issues. Most of the time you have to set up an appointment and then get all your pet’s travel supplies together along with a carrier and the pet’s emotional state is heightened. Once at the office you have to wait with other animals (some potentially sick) in the waiting room, which can be exhausting for your pet. Afterwards, there is always the ride home where who knows what could happen in the car.

The picture I just painted is the typical scenario for many pet owners… but this is NOT the only option. Let me paint a different scenario for you: you make your appointment with your vet; on the day of your appointment your pet stays comfortable and so do you; no hurrying to make sure you make it to the appointment on time; you do not have to get anything together to go to the appointment because the doctor comes to your pet; the appointment takes place in an environment that your pet is comfortable in; no other sick pets to sit next to in a waiting room; no potential messes in the waiting room to clean up; and your beloved pet stays calm at home during the whole process. The best part is that when the appointment is over you don’t have to go home, you’re already there.

I have been using Dr. Stewart for a few years now, and just this past August 2012 she saved my little dogs (Skittles) life (see Skittles’ worst day).I Highly recommend her and the in-home care she provides.