Renters Insurance helps if you are displaced.


The link at the bottom of this article is a real life situation where 20 people have been displaced because a fire destroyed some apartments they were living in! At the end it tells us that the people are being helped by the Red Cross. Let me say thank goodness for the Red Cross, but why depend on an agency that helps people who have NO Help? Renters insurance has built into it “Loss Of Use” coverage that gives you money to help you find a place to live in the event a covered risk (FIRE) damages your place of dwelling. Which means if you have a good renters policy and you have to find another place to live you won’t have to rely on the Red Cross for help, you will be able to help yourself.

Most renters do not think that they need renters insurance, but it is not the responsibility for your leasing company, your landlord, or the owner of the place you live in to have to protect your personal property, that is on you. More and more rental units are starting to require rental insurance and the owning party wants to be added as an additional insured so they are protected as well. You need to think about what it would cost if you ever have to replace your personal belongings, clothes, furniture, appliances, computers and electronic equipment, etc. if you had to start all over again.

After watching the video at the link below, I highly recommend that you return to this website and click on the “Request a Quote” link on the right of this page, and check out how affordable a Renters Insurance Policy can be. Be safe out there, and watch out for your neighbors who might be careless!