E&O for Insurance Brokers


pic-errors-omissions-insurance-broker-insuranceE&O insurance for insurance agents protects an insurance agent against any claim, real or perceived, that arose from their personal involvement in the sale or servicing of an insurance product. If you make a recommendation for certain policies, and even have the insured sign forms stating that they understand their choices, if they even perceive that you made an error or neglected to disclose information to them, they could bring a lawsuit against you, the cost of which could devastate your career.

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 7 insurance agents will be involved in an E&O claim once during their career. Insurance agents are also ranked fourth on the list of the most often sued professionals. An agent that is not properly covered by Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance risk the possibility of being held fully responsible for the damages if a claim is filed against them.

As a broker, many insurance carriers will not even appoint you to sell their products without proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance. We can help you get covered. 760.650.5547