Points on… Auto Insurance

Points on… Auto Insurance
  • The difference between comprehensive and collison is… when your car collides with something it’s collison. When something happens to your car (like a tree falling on it, hail, graffiti, etc.), it’s comprehensive.
  • In a recent commercial an insurance company said, “you will never be dropped”. This may be true, but more than likely your rates will go so high, you may WANT to drop THEM.
  • Watch the fine print… many of the auto insurance commercials you see today say things that sound really good… but when you see the “fine print” it reads “this program is OPTIONAL” or “ask your agent about your OPTIONS”. And usually OPTIONAL means that if you OPT for it, you PAY for it.
  • There was an ad in a local “discount publication” for auto insurance “as low as $15/month”… remember this… if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • A Word to the Wise Auto Insurance Shopper… There are many variables that affect your auto insurance cost. We have heard stories from clients who have shopped around for auto insurance providing basic information and getting what sounded like a great quote… then when all the DETAILED and ACCURATE information was input at the time of purchase, the price went up. At Policy Point, we strive to get the detail upfront so there are no surprises when you buy from us.