SR-22 Insurance


Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) or an SR-22, is a certificate mandated by the state and provided by your insurance company that verifies that you have auto insurance liability coverage. You are required to have insurance without lapse for 3 years. If you cancel your auto insurance and don’t get another policy, the insurance company will notify the DMV and your license will be suspended.

Typically, an SR-22 is required by the California court or mandated by the state of California only for certain driving-related violations like DUI, reckless driving, wet and reckless violation, accidents caused by uninsured drivers, etc. You will be notified by the courts if you are required to obtain an SR-22.

If you need an SR-22, let us know when you call or request a quote. When we write your policy, we can issue your SR-22 that will be given to you as proof of filing and the insuring company will directly notify the DMV.

You do not need to own a car to get SR-22 insurance. We can issue a liability policy for a non-owned auto policy and add the SR-22 filling. Call today 760.650.5547