pic-auto-insuranceMost of us spend a great deal of time on the road putting ourselves at risk of being in a traffic collision.

Sadly, more often than not, drivers do not fully understand what their auto insurance policy covers until they have to file a claim.

Do you know if someone else who is driving your car is covered if they are in an accident? What about if you have to rent a car… do you know if you and your passengers would be covered? What if someone that does NOT have insurance hits your car… do you know if you are covered? Can you answer these questions about your current policy?

How often you drive, your driving record, the ages of drivers listed on your policy, the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, etc. all affect the cost of your insurance and the options available to you. Tickets, accidents, DUI and the need for an SR-22 will adversely affect the cost of your insurance, may cause you to lose discounts, may cause your current insurance carrier to drop you and may even make it challenging to find insurance coverage at all.

At Policy Point Insurance Services, we specialize in helping you pinpoint the coverages that will suit your needs… even with tickets, accidents or DUI… and we can help you get an SR-22 if you need it.

Trying to muddle through all the varieties of coverages and options by yourself can be daunting if you don’t have an experienced agent that will educate you: making clear what you’re getting before you purchase a policy; helping you keep costs as low as possible; and taking the time (yes, sometimes more than 15 minutes) to ensure you understand your options.

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• Liability Coverage
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Collision Coverage
• Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage
• Diminishing Deductible
• Accident Forgiveness
• Minor Violation Forgiveness
• Roadside Assistance
• Specialty Auto Insurance
• 24-Hour Customer Service
• Towing
• Rental Reimbursement
• Medical Payments Coverage