My grandson called me…


Well, it is that time of year again. Family vacations are over and school is back in session. Everyone is getting back into their routines. I want to tell you about something special that happened just a couple of days ago.

My grandson is going into the 4th grade, and let’s just say that he has not been overly enthused about school, and as a grandfather you try to talk with him and pray and hope for the best.

Well, Imagine my amazement when I got home the other day and my wife answered the phone and it was our grandson. He wanted to tell us he had just gotten back from his 1st day of school and wanted us to know how much he liked his new teacher! Yes, isn’t that amazing!

He called, so excited with his new teacher, and wanted us to know that he makes school so much fun! He is very excited about this year and totally excited to go to school!

Did you have a special teacher you remember? I did and I am thankful for them.

Let me just say, thank you to all teachers, but especially those who work at making learning fun for their students!!!

You never know what will happen, keep looking up and keep your thoughts positive.

Thank a teacher when you see one. :)

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