Look Before You Leap


look-before-you-leap-on-insurance.jpgIt’s February and I am sure you don’t need me to tell you, but February 29th is Leap Day. That’s right this is a leap year. Many people have not even realized that this year is 366 days long, it is not a normal year, why is that important?

Well, it is important to point out that it is not normal to just leap out and buy insurance without doing some due diligence. I have seen young Marines buy a very expensive sports car and then they find out that the insurance monthly premium is almost as much as the monthly payment of their car. It is a shock. That is not the only case.

I have seen new business owners lease a new office and then they find out that the lease requires them to carry certain levels of insurance they really can’t afford. Once you have signed the contract it is not a good time to find out you cannot afford the insurance, so just as leap year is not normal, just leaping into a contract without first investigating to see whether you can afford the insurance premiums is not normal.

You need to look before you leap!

I also wanted to thank everyone that attended the Business Explosion and came by my booth and participated in our survey, “Which option do you think most people do NOT have on their auto policy because they think it will cost too much…” Here are the results:

Medical –                    23%
Uninsured motorist –  23%
Rental Car –                64%

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