There are so many different types of insurance and so many questions about each type.
But we really only need to know about the policies and coverages that apply to us, right?

For example, if you are a real estate agent, you’ll benefit from a working knowledge of homeowners insurance to be a resource and referral point for your clients and of course, you’ll need errors and omissions insurance for yourself. But you don’t need to know the best policy and coverage for a fleet of delivery trucks, do you?

Just like we pinpoint the policy needs for our clients, we pinpoint the presentation points that will answer only the specific questions you and your team, company, organization, association or group may have.

Yes, insurance can be a dry topic. But just as the big companies have us giggling at “mayhem” and smiling when the “genie insurance agent” is suddenly THERE on the scene, we’ll deliver the insurance content you want in an edu-taining style using humor, good fun and scenarios we can all relate to.

Whether for 15 minutes at your next networking function or 90 minutes at your next staff meeting, let us know your needs. Simply click here to contact us.