Insurance is No Joke… True Story…


Yes, today is the last day of the month of April, and as always at month end, I look back on each month and reflect on how we did for the month. After a quick review (even though April starts off with the April Fools’ jokes), April was no joke for Policy Point insurance services. It was a good month and I just want to thank all our clients who do business with us, our referral partners who trust & like doing business with, and our local community in the North County area. We live in such a great area for business and leisure. And I thought it would be great to start this off with being thankful and just saying THANKS! :)

And keeping with the theme that the month of April starts off with, which jokes and being fooled,
I want to give you a little info that will help you not be FOOLED, because insurance is NO JOKE…

A gentleman contacted me about a commercial policy for his business and stated that his current broker would not work for him anymore. I had to dig and dig… question after question… email after email… He, like most, was very busy and when he did respond it was very vague and a bit aloof or he would start asking about different coverages or coverage limits. He wouldn’t really tell me about his business. It seemed as though he was hiding something from me for some reason… I had a feeling that he was being required to carry a specific amount and type of insurance to meet the requirements of a contract. When I asked him about it, he was surprised that I figured it out, and FINALLY was honest with me and sent me the requirements for the contract. When I saw the required coverage, I realized why he had been hemming and hawing… the requirements were much HIGHER than the coverages he had been carrying.

Now at this point, with the amount of time he wasted in not being upfront with me, we were now in a time crunch to get him the policy AND because of the higher requirements, I would have to start the whole process over with another insurance carrier… and it was now too late to meet his deadline… Ugh.

I’m telling you this story to point out that taking time to prepare and not wait till the last minute is a great benefit for you and the insurance professional you are working with. A good agent or broker is going to ask questions, so be forthcoming and honest. That’s the only way you’ll get the actual coverage you need and not just the cheapest price… because in the end, the cheapest price sometimes can make a fool out of you. No joke.

And this holds true for any type of insurance.
Here’s a story of a similar issue only this time it was with auto insurance…

But like I said, overall it was a great April… Now, here’s to a great May! May there be NO MAY GRAY in your day! And if you know of anyone who has insurance questions feel free to point them to Policy Point where we can help you Pin Point your policy needs.