I feel the earth move under my feet…


earthquake-insurance-coverage-2… and (sadly) the wine came tumbling down, tumbling down.

Now, while I am certainly keeping those 208 individuals injured (happy there were no casualties reported) in Sunday’s Napa earthquake in my thoughts and prayers, being the insurance guy that I am, my mind also turns to the property damage and how the businesses and homeowners will recover.

It also got me to thinking that most people may not be aware that earthquake damage is not covered on a standard homeowners, renters, condo owners or commercial general liability insurance policies.

For example, if your house floods or catches fire due to a covered risk on your standard homeowners policy, your insurance company will cover the cost to fix and restore your home, but if it is determined that your house flooded or caught fire due to damage from an earthquake, your claim will be denied if you do not carry earthquake coverage.

If you are unsure as to whether you are covered for earthquake damage or not, contact your agent to check or I would be happy to review your policy for you.

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