The drunk lady almost knocked over the speaker!


event-insurance-liability-insuranceMy wife often comes home from a meeting, networking event or other gathering with a story someone told her that prompted a question about insurance. Yesterday was no exception.

A DJ was telling her a story about a gig she did where a lady had a little too much to drink and stumbled into her large speaker on a tall stand. The speaker began to tip over toward other guests! The DJ was able to grab it and stop it from falling, but it certainly raised some questions about liability.

“So, who would be responsible IF the speaker HAD fallen on someone?” she asked, “The drunk lady? The DJ? The venue?”. A great question wouldn’t you say? She went on, “And what if the speaker was damaged or broken in the incident? Would that be covered by the DJ’s insurance? Or would the drunk lady need to pay? And what kind of insurance would the DJ need to cover such a situation?”

As I said, she comes home with these stories of these insurance-question-prompting situations A LOT… but guess what? She’s not the only one with questions… TOUGH questions about insurance. Even some questions that seem simple on the surface can actually be more complex when we dig a little deeper…. which is often necessary to ensure that we are pinpointing the right policy and coverages.

So, do you know what kind of insurance the DJ needs? Or more importantly, do YOU know what insurance YOU need for your business, your home, your condo, your car, your property, your EVENTS, etc.

I love answering your questions… the easy ones and the tough ones. So give me a call 760.650.5547 or email me with yours!