Don’t Be Afraid


dont-be-scared-insuranceIt is October and Halloween time! There will be little Ghosts and Goblins looking to scare you if you don’t give them a treat!

At Policy Point Insurance we want to help you not to be afraid by giving you some good treats:

  • Those of you with teenagers or if you know of someone who has teenagers that are about to get their drivers license…
    Don’t be afraid to let them get their license even if you think they are too immature to drive. In California to be eligible for a “good driver discount” you must be licensed for a minimum of 3 years before you are eligible for this discount. Get your teenager to get their license as soon as you can! You do not have to let them drive and they will be eligible for the discount 3 years later. If they get their license at 16 years of age they will be eligible at 19 years of age which is when they need that discount the most, that is a good treat!
  • Don’t be afraid to have your current home owners & auto insurance policy reviewed.
    I recently was able to help a young widow save $500 annually on her auto insurance. Even though her homeowners insurance may go up because she no longer has a combined policy, it still was not enough of a change for her to change her homeowners. So she now has one company for auto and one company for homeowners and is saving hundreds annually… The multi-policy discount is not always the most inexpensive… $500.00 a year is a great treat!
  • If you have a pet that you love dearly, don’t be afraid to get your own quote on Pet Insurance from our online pet insurance rater. If you like the quote you can purchase it on your own… you might be surprised at what kind of treat you will find.

I hope you have a wonderful October filled with many treats and no tricks! And… just a reminder… we are at the beginning of the holiday season and the end of 2015 is only 2-1/2 months away! I am exhibiting at in January and I’ve already got my table! For those who like to exhibit market you can currently, for early registration, get a table for only $100.00… what a great treat! 

One last thing, if you know of anyone in need of some insurance answers or looking for insurance help, point them to Policy Point where we can help them PinPoint their policy needs!