Does the peach torte have nuts?


peach-torteMy wife and I had a business networking social to go to and we were supposed to bring something. My wife decides to make her soon-to-be-famous white peach torte. But then she looks at me and says, “Do I have to put a sign on it that says it contains almonds?” She was asking because she didn’t want anyone to get sick if they had a nut allergy. Then she giggles and says, “What kind of insurance policy would I need to cover my… torte?!”

And she asks other questions too. Like “If the water heater in the garage blows up and damages my car would the homeowners’ policy cover it, the renters policy or would it be a comprehensive claim on my auto policy?” and “What if the lady that cleans the house slips and falls? Does renters cover that?” or “Is it true that if someone rear-ends a car they are automatically at fault?” and then, “If I hold an event at a hotel and someone falls or has too much to drink and then drives and gets in an accident, does the hotel’s liability policy cover any claims? or could the person(s) come after me for compensation?” And so many more…

But it got me thinking, “if my wife has these types of questions, maybe Firstname_Placeholder does too”. So I wanted to write to let you know that if you do have any questions about coverages on an existing insurance policy or to find out if you need coverage that you may not already have, I’m happy to take a look and/or answer your questions. Just email me or call me 760-650-5547.