Don’t think you need Commercial Property coverage?

Are you sure your general liability policy will be enough in certain instances?

Designed to protect your business property (including building / storefront, furnishings, machinery and equipment needed to operate your business, computers, supplies, inventory, etc.), property insurance may be one of the most important types of insurance for your business.

For those of you who rent office space, it is important to remember that your property manager/landlord is not required to replace your business materials if the building you are in is damaged or destroyed from fire or earthquake… nor are they responsible for losses or damages you incur from theft or vandalism.

Types of property insurance can include:
•    Buildings and other structures, leased or owned
•    Furniture, equipment, and supplies
•    Leased equipment
•    Inventory
•    Money and securities
•    Records of accounts receivable
•    Improvements and betterments you made to the premises
•    Machinery
•    Boilers
•    Data processing equipment and media, including computers
•    Valuable papers, books, and documents
•    Mobile property, such as automobiles, trucks, and construction equipment
•    Signs, fences, and other outdoor property not attached to a building

Your Commercial Property Insurance can be tailored to meet specific risk concerns, allowing you to opt for more coverage for some exposures, and less for others. Let us help you pinpoint your policy needs.