pic-commercial-auto-insuranceWhen your business relies on vehicles, commercial auto insurance is a must.

Commercial auto insurance in California works the same way your personal car insurance policy does – it is simply for a commercial vehicle. Many times business owners who use their vehicles for both personal and business mistakenly believe that their personal auto insurance covers business use of their vehicle(s).

Additionally, depending on the endorsements and options you selected, your Business Owners Policy may not extend to cover your vehicles.

Whether it’s a fleet of delivery vans, a contractor’s truck, taxis or limousines, the type of vehicles and how you use your commercial vehicles may be a determining factor in your coverage needs.

We can help you get insurance for various kinds of commercial vehicles including commercial cars, tow trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, business vans, company cars, etc. Protect yourself, your business and your employees from property and liability issues. From a fleet policy to commercial truck insurance in California, we can help you pinpoint the right policies for your business.