Any Major Life Changes? Time to Review


policy-point-insurance-touristI trust everyone had a Great Labor Day weekend, and took the time to remember how fortunate are we to live in such a wonderful area (San Diego) where many tourists come for vacation.

This weekend I noticed the beaches were full and saw many different license plates from other states of those who traveled here to spend their time off in paradise. Unfortunately, many times when you live here, you forget the
beauty of what we have on a daily basis. I love to park on the beach and just watch the other people enjoying what we have all the time.

In the last few years I have come to understand the benefits of living along the San Diego coast and am thankful that I do not have to leave like the tourists do. How fortunate we are to have so much to do and see in this wonderful Southern California that we call home. May we always appreciate what we have.

Well, since Labor Day is over and the kids are going back to school it is time to get back into our work schedules and I cannot think of a better time to evaluate if you have had any major changes in your life. Whenever you move, buy a new vehicle, buy a new home, buy a new pet, your 16 year old is getting their driver’s license, starting a new business, have a death in the family, etc.

These are times to review your insurance, so if you know anyone who is going through any of these circumstances feel free to point them to Policy Point where we can help them PinPoint their policy needs.