A 2nd opinion is not just for humans!



As a parent of a 4 legged child I have learned that animal medical costs are becoming more and more like human medical service, the biggest difference is that pet medical insurance is not mandatory, other than that it is fast becoming as expensive.

I recently found this story that is a sad story about how a young college student was faced with a decision on whether to follow her mothers advice, which was to put her 4 legged child DOWN because the vet bill was so expensive, but her love for her dog would not allow it, and with a 2nd opinion and a bill that was HALF of what the first vet quoted on price.

Just like humans many times you have to get a 2nd opinion. I recommend that if your 4 legged child develops a problem and the initial bill is too much, get a 2nd opinion before you put your dog or cat down. How many animals were put too sleep with out a 2nd opinion that might not have had to meet an early end.

In the end our young college student was able to save her beloved pet, because she did not accept the 1st estimate. It is awful that many are forced to put their animals DOWN simple because they cannot afford the treatment cost, that is one of the reasons Policy Point Insurance Services offers Pet Insurance so that those who have 4 legged children do not have to make such a terrible decision based on treatment costs. Click on the link below to read the real life decision that this real life pet parent struggled with. when your done feel free to get a quote right here on this site by answering a few questions so that you will not have to face a similar decision. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Dog-Injured-by-Hit-and-Run-Driver-in-Chula-Vista-254935961.html