15 Minutes VS 7.5 Minutes


Have you seen the auto insurance ad wars? For years, one company has claimed “15 minutes could save you….”. Now another company is battling back with “Just 7.5 minutes….” Several of you have asked me what my take is on this… is it the truth? So, here you go. Sure, any company can give you a quote in 15 minutes, 7.5 minutes or even less! However, the main question is not “how fast can you quote me?” but rather “how ACCURATE is that quote?”. Auto insurance quotes are based on several factors, including where you live, type of vehicle and your driving record to name just a few. And with basic info, you can certainly get a quote… HOWEVER, once you get into more detail that quote is very likely to change… so the bottom line is this… do you want speed or accuracy? I’ll be as speedy as I can be for you, but you know me… I’m going to focus more on accuracy and honesty! If you’d like me to review your auto policy and find out if it’s a good policy at a good rate or see if I can save you some money, just email the declarations page of your current policy to me… that only takes 2 minutes! LOL!

Or go ahead and give me a call or send me a text… 760-650-5547. Joe PS: Remember, we do renters, homeowners, commercial and even event insurance, too!